Cagliari, September 28 - 29, 2023

Bovis Christopher

University of Hull

Professor Christopher Bovis JD, MPhil, LLM, FRSA is Professor of International and European Business at the University of Hull.


Professor Christopher Bovis is an international leading authority in public procurement and public-private partnerships. He specializes in all areas of European Business Law, anti-trust law and policy, with particular emphasis on public sector management.

He advises national governments in public sector reforms and he has acted on behalf of public sector and industry on numerous high profile projects. He has been instrumental in structuring flagship public-private partnerships in the UK, EU and overseas.

He has published extensively in international legal and management journals and has produced numerous monographs and articles on European and international business subjects. He is Editor in Chief of European Procurement and Public-Private Partnerships Law Review, published by Lexxion Verlagsgesellschaft. He is the author of The Law of EU Public Procurement, by Oxford University Press, Public Procurement: Case Law and Regulation, by Oxford University Press, The Research Handbook on EU Public Procurement Law by Elgar, and Public Private Partnerships in the EU, Routledge. His academic work has been translated into different languages, including Chinese, French, Russian and German.