Cagliari, September 28 - 29, 2023

Garbuzanova Neli

National Health Service, England

Mrs. Neli Garbuzanova is a legal and procurement professional with significant experience working for international law firms, the European Commission, the United Nations and the National Health Service (NHS) in England.

As Deputy Head of Transformation in the NHS, Mrs. Garbuzanova is responsible for advising and leading on complex health services programmes. In her previous role as Senior Procurement Manager, she designed procurement strategies and processes and successfully delivered large projects in the health sector. She also led the revision of the NHS procurement policy.

Internationally, Mrs. Garbuzanova advised on the updated UNCITRAL public-private partnerships model provisions and legislative guide and was part of the team at the European Commission drafting and negotiating the concessions directive in the wider procurement reform context.

Mrs. Garbuzanova is a correspondent for the European Procurement and Public-Private Partnerships Law Review journal and was a member of the expert procurement group at the European Commission (2018-2021). Mrs. Garbuzanova authored a number of papers and articles and was an invited speaker in procurement workshops and conferences. Her current interests lie in climate change and public procurement, digital transformation and advanced technology in healthcare. Mrs. Garbuzanova has recently published the first part of a wider study on climate change considerations in public procurement and concessions.

Mrs. Garbuzanova holds a Law Degree from the University of Sofia and a Master’s Degree in International Commercial Law from the University of Nottingham. She is a fully qualified member of the Charter Institute of Procurement and Supply (MCIPS) and has APMG Agile and Lean-Six Sigma qualifications.